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Home For The Holiday 1649-25896-X

Quilting Treasures presents Home for the Holiday 1649-25896-X by Nancy Fullenwider. The line's 24" X44" panel contains a black-and-white country church snow scene surrounded by a fence and pine trees decorated with red church door, balls, cardinals, and bows, and green greenery and wreaths. The church scene is then bordered with a light, medium and dark gray star border, then outlined in red, then black.  The serenity of a fresh snowfall is accented with beautiful cardinals as the focus of this gorgeous collection. The geometric, almost quilt-like coordinate is a striking compliment. Enjoy the nostalgic feeling of returning home for the holidays from © Nancy Fullenwider. Fabric is 100% Cotton, 43"-44" wide, not intended for children's sleepwear.