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Fabric > Precuts


2.5 inch Squares (Mini Charm)

5 inch Squares (Charm Pack)

10 inch Squares (Layer Cake)

2.5in Strips (Jelly Roll)

Fat Quarter Bundles



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Gingham Girls 10-5900-42


Gingham Girls 5-5900-42


Gingham Girls RP-5900-40


Good Karma 7210LC


Grunge Basics Charm Pack 30150PP


Happy Harvest 1-yard Bundle Blue 1YD-4030BL-6


Happy Harvest 1-yard Bundle Brown 1YD-4030BR-6


Happy Harvest 1-yard Bundle Cream 1YD-4030C-6


Heartfelt Charm Pack 9470PP


Heartfelt Jelly Roll 9470JR


Heartfelt Layer Cake 9470LC


Homestead Q508-509-508


Homestead Q518-509-518


Homestead Q840-509-840


Jefferson City Five Inch Stackers 5-6160-21


Just a Speck Jelly Roll 18109JR


Just a Speck Layer Cake 18109LC


Just Another Walk in the Woods 20520LC


Just Another Walk in the Woods Layer Cake 20520LC


Kansas Troubles Favorites Charm Pack 904PP


Kansas Troubles Favorites Layer Cake 904LC


LIberty Gatherings Charm Pack 1200PP


LIberty Gatherings Jelly Roll 1200JR


LIberty Gatherings Layer Cake 1200LC


LIberty Gatherings Woven Charm Pack 12709PP


LIberty Gatherings Woven Layer Cake 12709LC


Little Ruby Charm Pack 55130PP


LOL Jelly Roll 22230JR


LOL Layer Cake 22230LC


Los Cabos Batiks 4335JR


Lulu Lane Charm Pack 29020PP


Lulu Lane Jelly Roll 29020JR


Lulu Lane Layer Cake 29020LC


Maven Charm Pack 30460PP


Maven Jelly Roll 30460JR


Maven Layer Cake 30460LC


Mistletoe Lane 2880LC


Mistletoe Lane Aurifil Kit AKIT 2880


Mistletoe Lane Charm Pack 2880PP


Modern Background Colorbox 1640JR


Modern Background Colorbox 1640LC


Modern Background Colorbox 1640PP


Mon Ami Layer Cake 30410LC


Needle and Thread Gatherings 1230JR


Needle and Thread Gatherings 1230LC


Needle and Thread Gatherings 1230PP


New Bella Solids 9900N5PP


New Hope 38030JR


New Hope 38030LC


New Hope 38030PP


Oak Haven Charm Pack 9520PP


Oak Haven Jelly Roll 9520JR


Oak Haven Layer Cake 9520LC


Paisley Park Charm Pack 9450PP


Paisley Park Jelly Roll 9450JR


Paisley Park Layer Cake 9450LC


Patchwork Garden 6060AB


Patchwork Garden 6060LC


Pepper & Flax 29040PP


Petals Strip Roll


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