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Titan 5x5 Squares TITACP5

Titan TITACP5 is the line's "charm pack," a pack of 40 5" squares, pre-cut.  Prints are made of points in circular patterns, tiny open circles in rows, tones-on-tones, little pairs of hash marks and squares of different sizes, in greens, and neutrals.

100% Cotton, but not intended for children's sleepwear. Gets a quilter started more quickly on the next creation. Urban, architectural and modern blenders.

"Titan by Another Point of View is the follow up to the hugely popular Atlas collection. Titan also consists of low volume prints. As a bonus we added in a green color way to accompany the blue and khaki hues. Geometric prints in these neutral colors give this collection a long lasting appeal and make it perfect for scrappy and patchwork quilts." (from the Windham Fabrics website).