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Dragonfly Moon and Shimmer

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Northcott fabrics presents Dragonfly Moon and Shimmer Metallics designed by Jill McCloy with textures by Deborah Edwards in rich dragonfly print fabric in shades of teal, turquoise, lavender and purples.
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Night Dragonflies PTN 2420


Dragonfly Moon 22559M-85 Purple


Dragonfly Moon 22560M-64 Turq


Dragonfly Moon 22561M-64 Turq


Dragonfly Moon 22561M-85 Purple


Dragonfly Moon 22562M-64 Turq


Shimmer 20254M-62 Light Teal


Shimmer 20254M-82 Light Purple


Shimmer 20255M-61 Turq


Shimmer 20255M-81 Lavender


Shimmer 20257M-62 Turqx


Shimmer 20257M-83 Purple


Shimmer 20258M-64 New Teal


Shimmer 20258M-85 Purple


Shimmer 20259M-62 Turq


Shimmer 20259M-85 Purple