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Home Panel 7010-14 Oat

MODA Fabrics and Feed Mill Fabric and Quilting present Home 7010-14 Oat, designed by Kathy Schmitz, is a Panel with the look of an arts and craft wallpaper, a block print or book endpaper, with a top and bottom margin decorated with line-drawn vines, fruit, and leaves in dark gray "ink" on a subtly mottled light oat brown background. The center of the vertical panel is made up of 8 illustrated textual blocks separated by blank oat brown background. Nests, birdhouses, bee hives, gardens, a road, houses--in an "illustrated" style, with these sayings in the blocks: Home Sweet Home, There's No Place Like Home, Bee it ever so Humble, Bless This Nest, Home is where the Heart is, All Roads lead Home, Love Begins at Home and Love warms every Nest. 100% Cotton, so not intended for children's sleepwear. 24" wide x 44" tall.