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In The Beginning fabrics presents Diaphanous, designed by Jason Yenter. A phenomenal coloration in teal amethyst, lilac, sky, spice, gold, and mulberry.
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Diaphanous 1ENC-3 Leaf Night Bloom


Diaphanous 1ENC-5 Magenta Night Bloom


Diaphanous 2ENC-3 Misty Daydream


Diaphanous 3ENC-1 Spice Celtic Garden


Diaphanous 3ENC-2 Celtic Garden


Diaphanous 3ENC-4 Sherbet Celtic Garden


Diaphanous 4ENC-1 Mystic Lace


Diaphanous 4ENC-3 Lilac Lace


Diaphanous 5ENC-1 Spice Enchanted Vines


Diaphanous 5ENC-2 Gold Enchanted Vines


Diaphanous 5ENC-3 Teal Mist Enchanted Vines


Diaphanous 5ENC-4 Magenta Enchanted Vines


Diaphanous 6ENC-1 Spice Ombre


Diaphanous 6ENC-2 Teal Ombre


Diaphanous 6ENC-3 Multi Ombre


Diaphanous 6ENC-4 Cloud Ombre


Diaphanous 7ENC-4 Mulberry Trellis


Diaphanous 7ENC-5 Gossamer Trellis