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Fabric > Manufacturer > Andover > Braveheart
Braveheart is from Andover Fabrics, in carnation, ecru, crimson, rose, primrose, mulled wine, merlot, parchment, rhubarb and greige. Patterns are Bubbles, Toile, Fern, Buds, Meadow, Vine, Garland, Bowties, Tile, Wildflowers, Wander, Twigs, Satellite and Laundry Basket.
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Braveheart 2S-Braveheart-X


Braveheart 3S-Braveheart-X


Braveheart A-9181-R Mulled Wine


Braveheart Fat Eighth Bundle F8-Braveheart-X


Braveheart Fat Quarter Bundle FQ-Braveheart-X


Braveheart Fern A-9175-RL Ecru


Braveheart Single Scoop 1S-Braveheart-X