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from Northcott's website:

Born and raised in Slovakia, Nina was surrounded by many creative women in her family who engaged in quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and embroidery.  Early in her life Nina realized that she wanted to be an artist and a maker, like the women of her family. Her parents were always her greatest fans and supported her creative spirit.  

At the age of 13 she made her first dress and was determined to pursue her passion for art and design while attending the High School of the Apparel Industry in her home town of Zvolen. When she was 19 she moved to Canada with her family where she continued her studies in fashion design at Ryerson University. She earned a bachelor degree in Fashion Design.  Upon graduation, Nina started a career as a designer in the apparel industry.  It was then she realized that surface design was her true passion and she dreamed of becoming a textile designer.

Seven years, a husband and two beautiful babies later, her dream has come true in an industry where art and textiles are united.  Today she is happily designing textiles for the fashion and quilting industries.  Her artistic talent shines through her timeless style for textile design with international appeal.


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