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From the Northcott Fabrics website:

"Hilltop Designs was created by a self-taught artist whose unique style varies from the surreal to realistic. Inspiration comes from everywhere including the holidays, people and all aspects of nature. My artwork is expressed through acrylic paint, water color, pencil, camera, and the computer.

I learned early on that I had the drive to draw. That initial seed of talent has grown into painting, sculpting, computer design and photography. All of these aspects have made me the artist I am today. Thanks to the encouragement from my friends, family and colleagues I have been a full time artist for 28 years. The people in my life have given me great advice and inspiration. I hope to continue to live my life by painting some sunshine.

We are what we paint."


Enchanted Forest Flannel


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Enchanted Forest Flannel F22300-41