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Deborah Edwards

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Deborah Edwards joined the Northcott team in September 2011 as the Director of Design. Having designed for celebrities such as Martha Stewart and Jaclyn Smith, she has quite an extensive background. Deborah has created designs for all sorts of household surfaces; table tops, rugs, wall paper, tissue boxes… If there is a surface, Deborah can create a design for it! Her passion however, is textile design.

Big Bang

Cardinal Woods

Dragonfly Moon and Shimmer


Night Life

Outdoor Adventure Flannel

Stonehenge A Stitch in Time 2018 Oxidized Cotton

Stonehenge A Stitch in Time 2018 Primary Brights

Stonehenge Haiku


Shimmer Wild Thing

You Had Me At Wine

Stonehenge Verona

Christmas Wish


Covent Garden

Dreamweaver Wide Backing 108

Modern Love