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Cedar West

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From Clothworks designer profile:

Cedar West is a fine artist with a love of bold images. Her canvases are outsized stages for small, unassuming elements of nature. Each water drop and twig are so clearly expressed they convey the artist’s unbounded joy in the wilder, quieter places on the planet. Cedar was born in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in a rural community where her best memories were of trees and her own imagination. Leaving home, her rambling life path has taken her all across the US. She has lived in the hot dry summers of Arizona desert to the hip high snow of the Colorado Mountains and through it all she has painted. Returning to her home ground in Northern California, West’s art has evolved into an exploration of the small elements of nature. She believes that through looking with a deep curiosity into the individual facets of a larger wilderness that we find our connection to it and our place in it.