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Art by Bernie

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Art by Bernie

Bernadette Deming was born and raised in New York, where she currently resides.  She and her husband, Marty, live on 100 peaceful acres surrounded by wildlife. She loves spending time with her three children and their friends.  She prefers the simpler things in life and enjoys decorating with twigs and bird nests, eggs and leaves, and things from nature.  Bernadette’s hobbies are bird watching and gardening.  She also collects ice cream and old-fashioned candy themed antiques. 


Bernadette has painted all of her life and remembers painting on stones when she was a child.  At the age of twelve, she participated in her first craft show and has been creating things ever since.  Bernadette likes to sculpt clay Santas and snowmen, but her true passion is painting.  Her artwork is best described as American primitive.  She enjoys painting with acrylics and she looks forward to developing new ideas and having a ball painting!  Bernadette looks for inspiration everywhere and tries to find humor and whimsy in everyday life.  She thanks God for the gift that He has given her and she appreciates the happiness that her work brings to others.  Her best friend says that Bernadette’s paintings make her smile . . .she occasionally tries to "steal" artwork when she comes to visit!

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